Kiki Kemp joins Conister!

Tell me a little about your journey so far?

My name is Kiki and I’m half Thai, half English. I grew up in Hong Kong and came to the UK for university. I graduated from Exeter last year and moved to Guildford to be with my family during lockdown. 

What interests do you have outside work? 

I’m an avid player and supporter of rugby. I’m also a foodie and have picked up experimenting with food during lockdown. My favourite is obviously Thai!

What is your greatest achievement to date?

Achieving first place of the university women’s rugby premiership league at Twickenham Stadium. I had worked so hard to be in the first team, especially after missing out on the final the previous year. So when I ended up playing most of the game and winning, I was incredibly proud of myself and my team!

What challenges at Conister are you looking forward to the most?

More than anything else, I am looking for a change. Having been in education most of my life, I am looking forward to something different. Applying the skills I have learnt over the years and gaining new perspectives.  I am sure I will find the transition challenging, but that’s exactly what I am looking for right now in my life.

What are your key strengths and how can they help the organisation?

Growing up in Hong Kong, Thailand and going to a French school has allowed me to become culturally diverse. I love working with people of a variety of different backgrounds, getting to know them and their experiences. As a result I love working in teams, hence the rugby, and I have a unique perspective which would be useful to the Conister!

What excites you about your new role?

I’m looking forward to working with many different teams and developing as a result. I’m also excited about the opportunity to watch businesses grow and expand as a result of my work!