The easiest way to
bring your account up to date

No need to call

Outstanding payments can be paid through our QuickPay payment portal, so there’s no need to call or email our advisors.

Please note the following before you begin:

Your account details

You will need to know your agreement number, the date of birth and last name of the director’s named on the agreement, in order to access the payment page.


We do not allow early settlements or over-payments through this portal. Please contact the office during office hours if you wish to carry out either of these types of payments.


The site carries the same level of security and encryption that is standard across all Conister products and portals.

QuickPay is PCI compliant.

As always, customers should ensure that they are accessing the internet through secure means.

Make a payment

Bring your account up to date using our QuickPay payment portal.


What is QuickPay?

QuickPay is a secure payment portal which will allow you to make payments towards outstanding loan payments.

How do I use QuickPay?

Follow the link from the Conister Website above – it is an orange button at the top of this content, labelled QuickPay. You simply enter the details used on the agreement to validate who you are and then login. We ask for the following information:

  • Agreement number
  • Surname (any director listed on the agreement)
  • Date of Birth (the DOB for the above mentioned)
  • Post Code (for the above mentioned)

You will only be able to pay the amount that is outstanding, or a partial amount, so you will need to know what that amount is. Please refer to your agreement for that information.

How secure is QuickPay?

QuickPay carries the same server security as our other WebPortals.

How quickly is my payment processed?

The payment is processed the same way as a normal card payment, however we automatically apply the transaction to your agreement whilst that happens.

Can I fully settle, or pay early to my loan agreement in the QuickPay portal?

No. The QuickPay portal is only for outstanding payments.

Should you wish to receive a settlement figure and make a payment, please contact our Operations team by calling us or writing to us at the details found on our Contact Page.

Do I need to log in to access my account?

There is no log in required but rather a validation step prior to the payment screen. See above question on how to use QuickPay.

How much or how little can I pay?

There is no minimum payment, but the maximum payment is the outstanding amount on your account.

Do I receive a receipt after payment?

On the confirmation screen after your payment you are offered the option of printing the confirmation.

Is there a charge for using QuickPay?

Conister does not apply any charges to you for using QuickPay however, your own bank may charge for the payment.