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Ratan Daryani

Rivers secures £6.25m growth finance package with Conister Bank

Rivers Leasing secures funding from Conister Bank for business growth to offer new products and services post Covid-19.

UK economy grew by 2.3% in April when pubs, shops, and restaurants could reopen after months of being in lockdown.

Douglas Grant, Director of Conister comments on the 2.30% rise in GDP for April

Conister Bank’s Clara Isaac is playing a huge part in turning our island green

Conister Bank’s Green indicatives has inspired one employee so much that she has set up a new business.

Conister Bank channelling ESG for a more sustainable future

Douglas Grant, Managing Director at Conister Bank is interviewed by Isle of Man Portfolio to discuss the role that Conister intends to play in tackling climate change.

Tax hikes ‘will likely foot the bill’ as Covid costs rise but self-employed prospects jump

Douglas Grant, Director of Conister, comments on the surprise fall in unemployment for the first three months of the year

Conister appoints Marcus Gregory as new Executive Director

Douglas Grant gives a warm welcome to Conister’s new Executive Director Marcus Gregory.

Conister provides a £2m finance facility to Salad Money

Kai Hunter, Director of Conister is pleased to announce the facility to Salad Money to help their organisation expand.

Conister Bank services at the touch of a button

Chief Operating Officer and Director, Haseeb Qureshi is spearheading the drive to digitalisation.

Conister Bank celebrates World Earth Day 2021

Conister celebrates ‘World Earth Day’ to raise public awareness about the environment and inspire people to save and protect our planet.